What to Expect

A Friendly Welcome

When you first visit us, you will come into our reception area and meet our friendly receptionist. They will ask you to fill out some paperwork and take your insurance if you have it (please remember your card).

Your Consultation

Next, our receptionist will invite you to Dr. Innaimo’s office where he’ll introduce himself and learn a little about why you’re here. “During your consultation I’ll listen and learn about your health concerns. Then I will do a thorough exam.” If you’ll need x-rays, we ask that you get those done before you return for your next visit.

We’ll discuss information about how to control stress, how much sleep you need, the basics of how to eat healthy, the basics of postural care, and how to maintain what we do during office visits. Dr. Donn Innaimo will also use muscle testing to confirm the bodies nutritional needs.

Dr. Donn Innaimo does not want to risk your health or his reputation, so you will not be adjusted on the first visit. However; If you are in severe pain something will be done to try to relieve you on the first visit.

Review of Findings and Adjustment

“On your second visit, we’ll have your review of findings. After I see your x-rays, we’ll do a test adjustment and go from there, building a care plan that fits your specific needs and making sure we can help.”

Creating Your Care Plan

We will present you with a customized plan that is specifically designed to meet your individual needs. You can always count on me spending an adequate amount of time to take care of you.

“Before you leave, we’ll make sure all of your questions are answered!”

Financial Policy

Below are the insurance plans we participate in. For specific questions please call!

  • ChiroHealth USA
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Medicare (Non Participating – Client Must Pay Upfront)
  • Cigna

We offer weekly or bi-weekly payment plan for patients without insurance. Here at Innaimo Chiropractic, we also offer a money back guarantee!

We’re happy to discuss questions you may have in regard to your insurance policy authorization or finances. Give us a call to explore your options. Make an appointment today!

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