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  • I have been going to Dr Innaimo for 25 years. I appreciate all he has done for me . He is very thorough in diagnosing and relieving you of your pain. And Heidi is great at getting you the appointment time you need.

    - Christine T. Success Story
  • I have been going to Dr. Innaaimo since 1998. He has helped me to stay fit and active. Anytime I have had an issue he has taken care of it and I was on my way to being pain-free in very little time. I find him to be very gentle and caring. I would highly recommend him.

    - Craig D. Success Story
  • We met Dr. Innaimo nine years ago when my son was treated by him. My son suffered for four years with unexplained dizziness. We saw many specialists, even at Yale Hospital. None of them could help him. Yale was the last stop and I thought how am I going to help my son! My sister recommended seeing Dr. Innaimo and by the second visit my son was cured! His issue was a problem with his cervical spine. My sons condition has never returned. My husband and I have also been treated by Dr. Innaimo. He has helped us so much. Our son continues to see Dr. Innaimo , he practices martial arts and and Dr. Innaimo helps him stay in top form. Dr. Innaimo is there when you need him and we can’t thank him enough.

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  • Dr. Donn first treated me successfully several years ago when I had a bulging disc. Since that time, I have been on a maintenance program which has prevented a return of the disc issue, and possible new ones. By going regularly for adjustments, the effects of my life stresses have been kept under control. I fell in December 15, badly injuring my right rotator cuff, and he has continued to provide treatment and comfort. I highly recommend Dr. Innaimo.

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  • I’ve been going to Dr. Innaimo for about three years now and I couldn’t recommend him enough. I believe Dr. Innaimo truly cares about the overall wellbeing of his patients. I’ve seen several doctors in regards to my injury and none have left me feeling like there’s any hope for relief for the pain I experience. I usually start feeling relief after the second session and sometimes as early as the first. He’s willing to listen to you and make a plan according to what your needs are.

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  • I went to so much physical therapy, many other chiropractors, and countless doctor appointments and everyone said that I had twisted hips but could do anything to fix it. It wasn’t an issue until 2015 when I came down with excruciating lower back pain to the point where I was in tears if I tried to stand up straight. Working at a daycare, this was a horrific turn of events but I wasn’t sure going to the ER would help. The chiropractor I had been to before was unavailable so by chance I ended up at Doc Innaimo’s. He changed my life. Sent me for x-rays no one had ever thought of and turns out I had a short leg that was throwing off my entire system. I felt 80% better after just the first adjustment and was back to work in a week. I still occasionally have issues but the office is always great about fitting me in for emergencies and getting me back to normal quickly. I go every month to maintain my health and it is worth every penny! Dr. Innaimo has a gift and I am so grateful I ended up in his capable care.

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  • I enjoy playing sports but I would constantly be playing in pain. I had shoulder pain and a limited range of movement from a torn labrum. Any overhead motion was uncomfortable.

    I had many years of physical therapy, but nothing really helped, They told me that I needed surgery.

    When I came to the Clinic, various adjustments were made on me, and at-home exercises were given to me along with nutrition supplements. I started seeing results after the first few treatments regarding my range of motion. There was definitely a reduction in the pain. While going to the Clinic, I was in mid softball season, and during the beginning of the season I was in a lot of pain. By the end of the season, I was virtually pain free.

    I am going to keep doing the home exercises, and hopefully continue to be pain free and significantly more flexible. ”

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  • If someone could have pain in any part of their body, I’ve had it. My pain was keeping me from my livelihood as a professional bull rider. I’ve seen Dr. Innaimo many times over the years and I have always had good results. Doc always fixes what hurts!

    - Dan W. Success Story
  • I had a very serious car accident 44 years ago which has caused severe cervical dislocation, shoulder problems, muscular pain, jaw tightness and just plain pain throughout my body. I was in extreme pain constantly..while driving my car, even reaching for the seat belt! I couldn’t raise my left arm to get dressed and I would get depressed for lack of sleep. Even getting a hug from my grandchildren caused pain that brought tears to my eyes.

    My G.P always wanted to give me muscle relaxers and pain meds. The spine specialist said I would need an operation every 2 years. He suggested Dr. Innaimo to see if I couldn’t get some relief with this route. I began feeling results the first week of treatment. After seeing Dr. Donn every day for 3 weeks, and then 3X weekly for three weeks, I was able to taper back. I am now able to sleep and enjoy being pain free 95% of the time.

    Dr. Donn is kind and compassionate. He truly felt my pain and is committed to keeping me pain free. It has been above and beyond what I thought was possible. Because of his commitment, I am happier and living without extreme pain during my daily activities. I even went bowling with my granddaughter without pain resulting!

    I will come to see Dr. Innaimo for maintenance because my injuries require it. I need to come at least once monthly to be able to live my life to its fullest. I thank God for Dr. Donn and the knowledge He has given this gifted doctor. He is committed to this care of all his patients.

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  • I came to the Innaimo Clinic due to extreme pain in both my legs with numbness in my feet. I also had constant headaches. Many days, the pain caused me to use a cane. Some days I could not drive, and I had no strength. I also had trouble sleeping and was unable to stay in one position for very long.

    I went to see a neurologist. He performed nerve tests on both legs, and told me it was restless leg syndrome. I dint think so. I was also diagnosed with neuropathy and he prescribed a number of medications. The drugs caused anxiety, nausea and made insomnia worse.

    I started to see Dr. Innaimo and within a few visits, my legs felt better. The adjustments and a heel lift felt really good. My pain is at least 80% improved. My headaches are gone, and for the first time in years, I sleep thought the nigh. Dr. Innaimo also straightened my crooked jaw and worked on my knuckles.

    I will definitely get preventative maintenance care.

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  • After suffering for a few weeks with vertigo, my husband suggested that I see if Dr. Donn could help me. I was skeptical, but medicine from another doctor was not helping, so I gave it a try.

    Over a few weeks time, I saw great results. Not only with my vertigo, but with a back and shoulder discomfort that I had been living with for several years. Having a very physical job, I just thought that this discomfort was a fact of life.

    I am very impressed with Dr. Donns commitment to helping his patients be the best that they can be. When one treatment didn’t have the desired result, he re-evaluated and changes his approach. His treatment plans are tailored to each individual, so you know he is invested in your care.

    The atmosphere at the office is always positive. Each person working there gets to know the patients and gives each visit a personal touch.

    I will continue on my journey with Dr. Donn and staff to ensure I can continue to progress to a new and healthier life.

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  • For years I suffered not only from severe neck, headache and mid-low back pain, but also numbness in my right foot, a non-union of a fractured ulna which caused nerve damage, an twice failed spinal cord stimulators. After having had many surgeries, it seemed I only got worse, until the last one that nearly cost me my life. My malnourishment became so severe that I was barely able to walk anymore. I barely left my home due to the pain which kept me from being able to do normal daily activities such as hair care, make-up and also the inability to balance, which often caused me to fall, hurting myself even further.

    After seeing at least 15 different doctors, the best orthopedists, Neurologists and pain management specialists, not to mention admission to 8 different hospitals, no one could have been more skeptical than I to see yet another doctor. But after coming to see and treat with Dr. Innaimo, within two weeks, I was already seeing the positive changes in how I felt and the quality of my life. He seemed to know exactly where the painful areas were without saying a word. I was truly amazed!

    I was a nurse before I became so ill. I had been told NOT to seek chiropractic care. What a huge mistake I had made by listening to that advice! I now have my life back because of Dr. Innaimo. My only wish is that I had found Dr. Innaimo sooner, before going through more than 12 years of needless pain and suffering.

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  • I feel as if I simply belong at Dr. Innaimo practice with he and his staff of like-minded individuals. The good doctor always takes the time to explain any questions in a quick, simple, personable, and accurate manner. My results after only 3 weeks of treatment are well above my expectations; I wish I discovered Dr.Innaimo 20 years ago!!

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  • Looking forward to my next visit!

    - Kathleen M. Success Story
  • My experience at Dr. Innaimo office was positive in every way. The staff are very helpful and very warm and friendly. Dr. Innaimo spends a lot of time answering all my questions and explaining things thoroughly to me. He genuinely cares about helping me and I appreciate his dedication to the patient. I never feel rushed in and out so I know that I am getting the very best in care.

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  • I felt immediate relief. Doctor said it would take a while. It’s better each time I go.

    - Cindy S Success Story
  • Through experience, Dr. Donn has helped me tremendously. Two weeks ago I called for my lower back/ left hip and by 2nd visit I had 85% relief! He’s smart, thorough, and very good and I thank God for my chiropractor.

    - Sue G. Success Story
  • I began seeing Dr. Innaimo 5 years ago and have continued with preventive monthly maintenance since. Its wonderful not aching when I get up in the morning and my seasonal allergies that doctors could not diagnosis are completely gone. Adjustments and treatment with whole food supplements has kept me healthier than ever before.

    Show More - Daureen D. Success Story
  • I came to Dr. Innaimo July 2020.

    I was suffering from post covid brain fog, nausea, and fatigue. I was unable to perform at work. I had limited energy, endurance and difficulty with normal household chores. I could only drive short distances.

    I was evaluated by a doctor specializing in neurology and infectious disease. I underwent a brain MRI, chest CT scan and a neuropsych evaluation. No treatment was provided or recommended.

    I did have some cranial sacral work done by a physical therapist and experienced some temporary relief.

    When I came to Dr. Innaimo in July he did a thorough evaluation of any and all of my symptoms. Nutritional dietary supplements were recommended and spinal adjustments were preformed. It was two weeks when I began to feel results and began to steadily improve. On the third week I was able to return to work.

    Donn listened to me and asked questions to truly determine what would be best for me, as a individual. He was diligent in tracking progress and made changes in the doses of supplements as needed as well as chiropractic adjustments. The other Doctors did not treat me with the same care and personal interest in my well being. They certainly did not offer solutions or results to my needs.

    My visits are less frequent now, and my symptoms have subsided. However, I will still continue to see Donn to maintain my revived health.

    Thank You Donn!

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  • My young daughter was experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms.  She suffered with congestion, persistent cough and runny nose.  She was having sleep disturbance due to congestion and cough.  This led to decreased energy and interest in certain physical activities, due to not feeling well. I had tried naturopathic medications.  They would temporarily minimize the symptoms but Avery would have continued flare-ups as she was re-exposed to the allergens. At the Innaimo Clinic, my daughter was treated with spinal adjustments several times a week initially and then tapered to once a week and finally once a month.  I began to see results within the first week of treatment! Since Avery began the treatments approximately one year ago, she has not suffered any symptoms.  I now bring her in approximately every two to three months for regular maintenance visits.

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  • I was very skeptical that chiropractic care could ever help me. I was actually told to stay away from it by some doctors. But nothing was helping me, and I continued to just feel worse. I told myself that anything was worth a try. It was the best decision I ever made. I started to feel much better in maybe two weeks. I am so much better now than I was when I started. I was able to avoid another surgery. The doctor knows his stuff. I don’t even have to tell him where I am having a problem. He finds it every time. He has always been very gentle adjusting me. I am so glad I found this office.

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  • My young daughter was experiencing seasonal allergy symptoms. She suffered with congestion, persistent cough and runny nose. She was having sleep disturbance due to the congestion and cough. This led to decreased energy and loss of interest in physical activities. I had tried naturopathic medications. They would temporarily minimize the symptoms but Avery would have continued flare-ups as she was re-exposed to the allergens. At the Innaimo Clinic, my daughter was treated with spinal adjustments several times a week initially, and then tapered to once a week and finally once a month. I began to see results within the first week of treatment! Since Avery began the treatments approximately one year ago, she has not suffered any symptoms. I now bring her in every two to three months for regular maintenance visits.

    Show More - Susan O. Success Story
  • Dr. Donn has fixed me up several times over the course of time I’ve been a patient. He is thorough and diligently researches when he can’t seem to solve a problem. He is the best!!

    - Carol P. Success Story
  • I am more than happy to write this success story and share it with the ones who may be skeptical about taking on weeks of chiropractic treatment. I, for one, was one of those people. I had seen other chiropractors in the past to get a quick fix for my lower back pain. When my back pain became more frequent, and at times disabling, I knew the root of my problem was not being addressed correctly and I needed a different approach. I researched Dr. Innaimo, and found that he had a good reputation, was honest, and a well respected chiropractor in this area. After my initial consultation, he said he could help me, and he did! After my first visit, I felt better. I was pain free, after my first month of treatments. I was given very specific exercises, which were key to my quick healing. Dr. Innaimo explained to me not only would the manipulation help my lower back pain, spine and overall improvement to the structure of my body, but it would also correct other health problems I had. I feel so much better now, in line and well balanced! I will definitely keep up with my maintenance and visit the Innamio Clinic faithfully. Thanks to Dr. Innaimo and his friendly staff. I highly recommend him!

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  • I was in a car accident in December of 2011 in which I was knocked unconscious. After the accident I had headaches, neck, shoulder, back, and jaw pain. I also had trouble sleeping. I had buzzing in my ears and my hands and feet were always cold. I had none of these problems before the accident. I was irritable, tired, and depressed, feeling as if I had a brain fog. I had physical therapy but it wasnt effective. Finally after 3 months, I decided to see Dr. Innaimo because he had helped me in the past with other problems. Dr. Innaimo examined me and took x-rays. He said he thought he could help. He also told me I had a mild traumatic brain injury. I am happy to say that all of my symptoms have gone away after my treatments with Dr. Innaimo. In the future, I plan to come in and see if I hold my treatments and I will spread the word about Dr. Innaimo.

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  • I suffer from migraines. I would get about 2-3 a week and it really hindered my life. I started going to see dr innaimo a few months ago and I have had maybe 2 migraines in 3 months. I had been to so many neurologists and no one could figure anything out. Dr. Innaimo figured out I was sensitive to dairy and told me to cut it out of my diet, so I did, and it worked! My migraines stopped! I cant thank dr enough for finally helping my get rid of my migraines!

    Show More - Elizabeth T. Success Story

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