Auto Injury Treatments

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day around the world. Even if you walk away from the accident, you may still have lingering injuries that may feel worse over time. If this is your situation, look to Dr. Donn Innaimo, your local auto injury chiropractor in Watertown, CT. A visit to Innaimo Clinic of Chiropractic may help soothe the lingering pain you have been dealing with since the accident.

What Are Common Auto Injuries?

A range of injuries can happen during a vehicle collision. There may be lacerations, cuts, broken bones, and fractures. The most common auto injuries people walk away with include whiplash and back pain. Whiplash happens when the neck suddenly snaps back and forth upon impact. It often shows in the form of neck pain, upper shoulder and arm pain, nausea, and dizziness. The signs of whiplash may not be readily apparent and sometimes can take weeks to appear.

One may also suffer concussions, which may lead to headaches. Concussions happen due to a blow bump or jolt to the head. The head and brain rapidly move back and forth, which can happen upon impact in a vehicle.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Your auto injury chiropractor in Watertown, CT, uses a specialized treatment program to help you with the physical problems you suffer from after a vehicle accident. Treatment may include a manual and instrumental spinal adjustment. Dr. Innaimo can work using light to intense pressure to relieve misalignments in the spine.

These techniques also affect any pressure on the neck that's causing headaches. While your medical practitioner should be your first point of contact for a concussion, auto accident chiropractic care can also work in cohesion with them to relieve symptoms. After all, any pain or stress from headaches can fade as spinal or neck pressure is released.

If most of the pain from your auto accident stems from soft tissue damage, Dr. Innaimo can use laser and percussion to relax your muscle tissues which can also make spinal adjustments easier and speed up your healing even faster.

A car accident can be mentally and physically traumatic. The impact of a situation may not show up immediately, but the effects can linger for years or a lifetime without proper intervention. Luckily, Innaimo Clinic of Chiropractic is here to help you recover from auto-related injuries. When you need personalized care from an auto injury chiropractor in Watertown, CT, call us at 860-274-8858 for an appointment today.

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