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"Playing Rugby Led Me to Chiropractic College"

        In college Dr. Innaimo played rugby. He recalls that many of the injuries he sustained during his 10 years of collision sports are the some of the same ones he see in his office today.

         Chiropractic College came next! Dr. Innaimo graduated from National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois and returned to Connecticut to begin his first practice. “Learning new techniques and how the body works fascinates me. I still attend seminars to continue my education and keep current.”

"A Chiropractor in Watertown That Walks the Walk"

“I live by practicing what I preach in regard to living healthy. I like to walk from my home to my office. I do Hatha Yoga, take the supplements I recommend and eat the zone diet.”

“I am very passionate about chiropractic care and helping people achieve overall health. I want you to feel the relief I longed for early on in life. I believe I can help!”

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    Dr. Donn Innaimo

    “When I was a child, I had intractable headaches. My mom brought me to many doctors but it was a chiropractor that fixed me when I was 10 years old.”

    It wasn’t until the age of 44 that he suffered from again from a headache. With chiropractic care, he was once again relieved of his pain!

    “My biggest interest outside of my practice is performing as a musician. I play saxophone and flute in a rock band and at various clubs in the area. I’m also very active in my church, First Congregational Church of Thomaston, where I play on the praise team.”

     “At home, I am blessed to be married with two grown children! My wife is a Therapeutic Recreation Director at The Watertown Convalarium. My oldest son, Adrian, lives and works in New York City and is a singer-musician-songwriter. My youngest son, Ian, lives at home with us.”

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