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“One of the things that appeals to me the most about being a chiropractor is helping people; I also like to solve problems, teach my patients, explain the truth about their condition and its real cause, and offer a real solution.” -Dr. Donn Innaimo

Dr. Donn Innaimo at the Innaimo Clinic of Chiropractic and Nutrition serving Watertown, Oakville, Bethlehem and Thomaston, and Waterbury, CT, likes to help people and solve problems. This combination allows Dr. Innaimo to provide effective chiropractic care and real solutions to our patients.

Hi, my name is Dr. Donn Innaimo. I got into this profession as a patient. As a child I suffered with severe headaches. My mom brought me from doctor to doctor, but none of them helped me. Finally she brought me to a chiropractor and my headaches were gone. I did not have another headache for thirty four years until I went on a  rollercoaster and my head was whipped around and the headache came back, I received chiropractic adjustments and it was gone and never came back. That was decades ago. In my twenties I played a collision sport, rugby.. I hurt my neck and my low back. My neck pain spread all the way to my left hand and my low back pain went all the way to my right foot. I was sidelined. Again I sought chiropractic care. Both conditions completely resolved and never came back. I was able to play another four years. It was after that experience I decided to change careers and become a doctor of chiropractic. I wanted to give people what I had experienced. I believe God directed the events of my life so that I would become a chiropractor. I like getting to the underlying cause of people's problems, teaching them about it, and solving it. I have additional post graduate training in neurology, rehabilitation, postural correction, and nutrition. The nutritional training allows me to help people with supplements, herbs, and diet plans if that is what they are seeking. In short, I strive to fix the underlying cause of a person's problems so their body does not keep them from living their best life.

Dr. Innaimo sees many of the same injuries at his practice that he sustained during his 10-year rugby career. Patients who visit us regularly report symptoms like:

- Back pain
- Joint and muscle pain
- Nerve pain
- Herniated discs or disc disease

Chiropractic care is invaluable for sports, work, or personal injuries. It helps relieve pain and improve recovery time. For Donn, this meant that after college rugby came a chiropractic doctorate. Dr. Innaimo graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL, before heading home to Connecticut to open his first practice. Even now, Dr. Innaimo continues to learn new techniques and improve his understanding of the body, attending seminars to keep his skills up to date.

Dr. Innaimo likes to practice what he preaches, incorporating chiropractic and other holistic and natural health practices into his everyday life. Therefore, the Innaimo Clinic of Chiropractic, serving Watertown, CT, and the surrounding areas, offers some of the following treatments:

- Chiropractic adjustments
- Spinal manipulations
- Acupressure
- The Egoscue Method of postural correction
- Nutritional Response Testing
- Lifestyle guidance, including immunity boosts and weight loss programs

Every patient can expect support and guidance on their road to better health, and each patient will be thoroughly assessed so that an informed and tailor-made treatment plan can be designed for them.

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Our mission is to provide excellent chiropractic care to the communities of Watertown, Oakville, Wolcott, Woodbury, and Waterbury, CT. If you need a chiropractor who can help you find solutions, educate you, and utilize effective chiropractic methods, call us today at 860-274-8858 for an appointment with Dr. Innaimo at the Innaimo Clinic of Chiropractic.

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  • Through experience, Dr. Donn has helped me tremendously. Two weeks ago I called for my lower back/ left hip and by 2nd visit I had 85% relief! He’s smart, thorough, and very good and I thank God for my chiropractor.

    - Sue G. Success Story
  • I felt immediate relief. Doctor said it would take a while. It’s better each time I go.

    - Cindy S Success Story
  • I feel as if I simply belong at Dr. Innaimo practice with he and his staff of like-minded individuals. The good doctor always takes the time to explain any questions in a quick, simple, personable, and accurate manner. My results after only 3 weeks of treatment are well above my expectations; I wish I discovered Dr.Innaimo 20 years ago!!

    Show More - Jay G. Success Story
  • If someone could have pain in any part of their body, I’ve had it. My pain was keeping me from my livelihood as a professional bull rider. I’ve seen Dr. Innaimo many times over the years and I have always had good results. Doc always fixes what hurts!

    - Dan W. Success Story
  • I enjoy playing sports but I would constantly be playing in pain. I had shoulder pain and a limited range of movement from a torn labrum. Any overhead motion was uncomfortable.

    I had many years of physical therapy, but nothing really helped, They told me that I needed surgery.

    When I came to the Clinic, various adjustments were made on me, and at-home exercises were given to me along with nutrition supplements. I started seeing results after the first few treatments regarding my range of motion. There was definitely a reduction in the pain. While going to the Clinic, I was in mid softball season, and during the beginning of the season I was in a lot of pain. By the end of the season, I was virtually pain free.

    I am going to keep doing the home exercises, and hopefully continue to be pain free and significantly more flexible. ”

    Show More - Trisha K. Success Story
  • I went to so much physical therapy, many other chiropractors, and countless doctor appointments and everyone said that I had twisted hips but could do anything to fix it. It wasn’t an issue until 2015 when I came down with excruciating lower back pain to the point where I was in tears if I tried to stand up straight. Working at a daycare, this was a horrific turn of events but I wasn’t sure going to the ER would help. The chiropractor I had been to before was unavailable so by chance I ended up at Doc Innaimo’s. He changed my life. Sent me for x-rays no one had ever thought of and turns out I had a short leg that was throwing off my entire system. I felt 80% better after just the first adjustment and was back to work in a week. I still occasionally have issues but the office is always great about fitting me in for emergencies and getting me back to normal quickly. I go every month to maintain my health and it is worth every penny! Dr. Innaimo has a gift and I am so grateful I ended up in his capable care.

    Show More - Abi E. Success Story
  • Dr. Donn first treated me successfully several years ago when I had a bulging disc. Since that time, I have been on a maintenance program which has prevented a return of the disc issue, and possible new ones. By going regularly for adjustments, the effects of my life stresses have been kept under control. I fell in December 15, badly injuring my right rotator cuff, and he has continued to provide treatment and comfort. I highly recommend Dr. Innaimo.

    Show More - Carol P. Success Story
  • We met Dr. Innaimo nine years ago when my son was treated by him. My son suffered for four years with unexplained dizziness. We saw many specialists, even at Yale Hospital. None of them could help him. Yale was the last stop and I thought how am I going to help my son! My sister recommended seeing Dr. Innaimo and by the second visit my son was cured! His issue was a problem with his cervical spine. My sons condition has never returned. My husband and I have also been treated by Dr. Innaimo. He has helped us so much. Our son continues to see Dr. Innaimo , he practices martial arts and and Dr. Innaimo helps him stay in top form. Dr. Innaimo is there when you need him and we can’t thank him enough.

    Show More - The Portillo Family Success Story
  • I have been going to Dr. Innaaimo since 1998. He has helped me to stay fit and active. Anytime I have had an issue he has taken care of it and I was on my way to being pain-free in very little time. I find him to be very gentle and caring. I would highly recommend him.

    - Craig D. Success Story
  • I have been going to Dr Innaimo for 25 years. I appreciate all he has done for me . He is very thorough in diagnosing and relieving you of your pain. And Heidi is great at getting you the appointment time you need.

    - Christine T. Success Story

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All of the functions related to the amazing human body are controlled and coordinated by the extensive neural network. Interference or stresses in any part of the nerve system may result in health problems in a variety of areas throughout our bodies. Take a moment and explore which areas of the body are influenced by the different areas of your spine. You will be amazed at how the spine and nerve system are interrelated and connected to every aspect of our expression of health and wellness.

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